科技持續地改變世界。然而,我們知道它有時會破壞環境。怎樣的能源對未來更好,更加永續我們的生活,是我們需要思考的議題。我想呈現一個由 GOGORO 電動機車帶來乾淨能源後所塑造出的完美世界,因此場景設定在未來的地球。未來的地球,從城市到荒野,到大自然,各種美好的奇觀,都能夠因 GOGORO 的存在而實現。

Technology constantly changes the world, yet we know it sometimes destroys the environment. What kind of energy resources can make a better future and a sustainable life? This is the question. To present a perfect world after GOGORO electric scooter bringing clean energy, the stage sets in a future earth. From urban to rural area, to natural world, every breathtaking wonder realizes because the existence of GOGORO.

On the choice of colors, pure white symbolizes the future world; and the main choices of design elements are mountains, water, cities, the arctic, and terraces common in Taiwan. In addition, green energy lines that represents ecological sustainability extend from machines, houses and street lights. The recycling system preserves the natural resources. Emitting the energy lines also enables the natural landscape to reconstruct and eternally conserve itself.
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