這是一支Gogoro電動機車第二代上市發表會影片,新系列的設計走向跟之前都不一樣,運用更多的顏色,更多的配件與更多的造型。我們將Gogoro 2-series最大的五個特點,化身為五個主要的「2」,再設計其他有趣的元素加入,用完全不同的風格和媒材大玩設計,結合實拍和動畫。噴煙「2」代表速度,氣球「2」代表大容量,小精靈「2」代表充電模式,地鼠「2」暗示電池從槽中伸出的模樣,圖示「2」代表更豐富的手機APP,多彩的積木「2」代表車主可以自由變換組合車色。整支影片配色鮮明輕快,打造出多彩、隨興所至的Gogoro樂園。

It a launch video for second generation of Gogoro electric scooter. Design language of 2-series is with more colors, accessories and styles compared to previous model. We turned five main features of 2-series into five “2” and added interesting elements on them. We performed design experiment by combing apart styles and materials; and camera shooting and modeling. Smoking “2” is speed, balloon “2” capacity, Pac-man “2” charging system, Whac-A- Mole “2” the battery jumping out from the station, Icon “2” a more functional app, and toy block “2” the changeable color panel. The video is vivid and joyful, building a colorful and casual Gogoro paradise.
I am the art director and editor of this work. Discussing the marketing strategy with client and leading the team to complete the work is my major role. This case required different styles and materials. The most difficult part was to integrate the tone of the film with the color strategy of the product. Thus, I spent much time to integrate the colors. For the editing, I adapted sexy and light storytelling style with forte and piano mingled tempo, agitating the stereotype that people used to have towards to motorbike commercial video.
臺灣是一個機車盛行的國家,而環境保護是我們面臨的課題,Gogoro Smartscooter 是臺灣新的電動機車的品牌,採用兩個Gogoro智慧電池供應電力,而我們的影片是Gogoro電動機車"第二代"上市的形象影片,新系列的設計走向與前代不同,除了希望拉近與社會大眾的距離感,之外,也預期呈現出更為輕快、活潑、好玩的意象,吸引社會大眾的目光,讓產品更走向大眾。藉由此影片的推廣,配合產品的宣傳活動,Gogoro已是臺灣市佔率第一的電動車品牌。
Scooters are prevailing in Taiwan but ECO is an inevitable issue. Gogoro Smart Scooter, driven by two mobile battery, is the latest and innovative electronic scooter originated from Taiwan. The project was to create the releasing brand film of its 2ed generation. With vivo and fun spirit, the 2ed generation, appealing its accessibility to the public, has a different design direction from its predecessor. The film along with its PR events promoted the product which has become the No.1 share electronic scooter in Taiwan.
Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu 
Associate Art Director:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu 
Producer : 陳丞楦 Katie Chen 
Copywriter:黃心怡 Vicki Huang 
Account manager:彭乃芸Naiyun Peng 
Design:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 高慶和 Ching-Ho Kao / 莊仲凱 Kyle Jhuang / 李宜軒 Kelly Li / 吳箏 Chen Wu / 陳品蓁 Abby Chen 
2D Animation:莊仲凱 Kyle Jhuang 
3D Animation:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 高慶和 Ching-Ho Kao 
Compositing:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu /高慶和 Ching-Ho Kao /曾筱涵 Hsiao-Han Tseng 
Color Grading:曾筱涵 Hsiao-Han Tseng
Editing:劉耕名Keng-Ming Liu / 劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu / 莊仲凱 Kyle Jhuang
Sound Design & Mixing:傳翼錄音室

Production House 製作公司
Producer: 尤勝弘 SHENG HONG YU
Director: 曾崴榆 WEI YU TSENG
Director Assistant: 朱旻修 MIN HSIU CHU
Production Assistants: 邱昱凱 CASPER CHIU/ 王鈴鈞 LING CHUN WANG/ 鄭聿廷 JOHNNY CHENG
Director of Photography: 林士豐 SHIH FENG LIN
First Camera Assistant: 王士偉 SHIH WEI WANG
Camera Assistants: 劉力維 LI WEI LIU/ 彥廷 / 小O / 阿司
Gaffer: 賴楊文 WEN YANG LAI
Lighting Assistants: 張志民 CHIH MIN CHANG / 李家弦 CHIA HSIEN LI / 洪名洋 MING YANG HUNG / 謝憲欽HSIEN CHIN HSIEN
Production Art Director: 周志憲 CHIN HSIEN CHOU
Art Designers:陳乃菁 NAI CHING CHEN/ 許曦尹 HSI YIN HSU
Art Dep. Assistant: 蔡孟憲 MENG HSIEH TSAI
Key Grip: 林龍輝 BRYAN LIN 
Crane Operator(異能影業器材): 李少川SHAO CHUAN LI
Special Equipment: 力榮影視器材
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