This Chip Changes Everything.
MediaTek's Chipsets deliver high-end features and performance to ensure more people have access to devices offering a premium experience without the premium price. From entertainment to healthcare, from education to automobiles, and from internet facilities to Smartphones, MediaTek has impacted the innovation sphere of the world to the fullest. At MediaTek, we believe and enforce that technology changes lives and a changed life can change the world. Produced at Bito.
Final Frames
Executive Producer: Keng-Ming Liu     
Director: Keng-Ming Liu 
Executive Director: Hsi-Jen Liu 
1st Assistant Director: Manffy Lai
Account manager: Naiyun Peng
Art Director: Hsi-Jen Liu
Copy Director: Vicki Huang
Producer: Manffy Lai        
Script Supervisor: Che-Chieh Chu    
Screenwriter: Hsi-Jen Liu         
Storyboard: Hsi-Jen Liu    
Casting:: Hung-Chen Chao         
Pre-copy Planning:: Manffy Lai / :Francis Yeh    
Chinese Copywriter: Ku Faye    
English Copywriter: Ted Pigott /Kay Chen    

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