The deepest fear is always with us.

The truth of Taiwanese horror story haunted over 18 years is about to reveal. Gate of underworld is opened. Let’s trace the origin of the horror.
The teaser poster can be very creative because the movie is still on the making process and its purpose is different from official movie poster. The faces of main female characters are hidden in the teaser poster, side faces in two side and a smile face in the middle. Maggots crawl on Five Thunder Spell made in red threads, creating the disturbing air. A character representing justice named Master Tiger left marks on the red thread, whereas the girl’s feet approach to the audience, creating the dualistic atmosphere.
Obsession brings demon, forces you look into your fear and leads monomania. 

Character poster surrounds three elements “God”, “Evil” and “Human”, that corresponds to different colors, Yellow, Red, Green/Blue, respectively. In fact, I designed four different posters including the Yellow one. However, the team decided to focus on three main female characters and the conflict between human and evil in first promotion.
Let’s return and reveal the truth.

Official movie poster is deeply related to distribution and promotion so the poster must express the core of the story, to let audience recognize the film immediately. The poster reveals many details of the story. The broken roller coaster and Kalido Theme Park indicate the background and the death's head hawkmoths flying around the girl imply her origin.
Client:Vievision Pictures
Strategy:Shin-Chi Chen
Poster Designer:HsiJen Liu
Photography:Fredrick Liu 
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