One of the plans going forward is to engage its residents in a discussion on the betterment of the city. The future of the capital lies in its ability to evolve, to adapt, to set the wheels in motion. Hence the design for the Taipei City logo is a reflection on a capital whose vision of its future is still taking shape. The logo takes the form of an imperfect circle, a derivative of the WDC logo, with design elements in the state of reaching the final form. Three themed logos addressing the ways the city can go forward are titled “Engaging the Community ”, “Connecting Information” and “A City Reborn”. An adaptive city sets its designs in motion.
At beginning, we created the crowd in a non-human geometric way. It did not work especially that we need to make them a larger circle by touching each other, the movement appeared to be like a rosary. We ended up adding human elements on them. We considered to use the traditional “four occupations” to categories the crowd, but the design was too complicate and serious. Thus, we simplified them to regular people, with possible figure, age and accessories. In fact, I am a fan of the Korean brand “Sticky Monster Lab”. The monsters’ dorky face and cute behavior are its selling point. I wanted to homage the brand through the modeling and material design on this video, conveying an adorable and humorous feeling.
Creative Director:JL
Main Visual Consultant:
Executive Producer:Angela Moo
Senior Producer:Tsai Chiaying
Project Manager:Ryan Lin
Art Director:Lance Wei
Lead Designer:Hsiang Ju Hung
Graphics Designer:Jarvis Lim / Ivan Fang
Motion Designer:HsiJen Liu / Peter Kienetz / Jim Chun-Liang Hsu / Daniel Chang
Music / Rockid Lee
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