Haven Life
Along with our friends at Amazon & Haven Life, we stopped by our favourite family living room for a quick whirlwind visit; and it’s like no time has passed! Produced at Art&Graft.
Final Frames
Taking place in a fresh but familiar fully 3D world, it wasn’t just the detail that doubled since the last time we popped in, with two new additions to the Bloom household.
Life never stops moving and neither do our visuals in this one-take wonder. If only Haven Life offered childcare… life insurance never looked so effortless!
Visual Development
Directed & Produced by Art&Graft
Executive Creative Director — Mike Moloney
Head of Production — Tom Bromwich
Creative Director — Stephen Middleton
Studio Producer — Dawn Cottrell
Creative Lead — HsiJen Liu
Storyboarding — Juan Huarte, HsiJen Liu
Design — Stephanie Dewhirst, Rob Gavin, HsiJen Liu, Callum Cannarella
Modelling — Eidan Elgrably, Kornel Makarowicz
Rigging — Martin Gunnarsson
3D  — Stephanie Dewhirst, Diego Ghirardo, HsiJen Liu, Joe Maker
Character Animation — Morgane Billault, Roland Edwards, Pierre Plouzeau

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