It is a launch video for the second generation of the Gogoro electric scooter. The design language of the 2-series is with more colours, accessories and styles compared to the previous model. We turned five main features of the 2-series into five “2” and added interesting elements to them. We performed design experiments by combing apart styles and materials; and camera shooting and modelling. 
Smoking “2” is speed, balloon “2” capacity, Pac-man “2” charging system, Whac-A- Mole “2” the battery jumping out from the station, Icon “2” a more functional app, and toy block “2” the changeable colour panel. The vivid and joyful video builds a colourful and casual Gogoro paradise. Produced at Bito.​​​​​​​
Final Frames
☺Let's play☺​​​​​​​
Visual Development
As an art director and editor of this work. Discussing the marketing strategy with the client and leading the team to complete the work is my major role. This case required different styles and materials. The most difficult part was to integrate the tone of the film with the colour strategy of the product. Thus, I spent much time integrating the colours. For the editing, I adapted a sexy and light storytelling style with a forte and piano-mingled tempo, agitating the stereotype that people used to have towards motorbike commercial videos.
Client: Gogoro
Director: Keng-Ming Liu 
Associate Art Director: Hsi-Jen Liu 
Producer: Katie Chen 
Copywriter: Vicki Huang 
Account manager: Naiyun Peng 
Design: Hsi-Jen Liu / Ching-Ho Kao / Kyle Jhuang / Kelly Li / Chen Wu / Abby Chen 
2D Animation: Kyle Jhuang 
3D Animation: Hsi-Jen Liu / Ching-Ho Kao 
Compositing: Hsi-Jen Liu / Ching-Ho Kao / Hsiao-Han Tseng 
Color Grading: Hsiao-Han Tseng
Editing: Keng-Ming Liu /  Hsi-Jen Liu /  Kyle Jhuang

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