I like cats. Who doesn't like cats?
If someone doesn't like cats, then he or she is probably another cat, I said.
In 2020, Motion Plus Design, in partnership with Dropbox, asked 6 great motion designers to create few seconds of Motion Design, one following the work of the previous. No theme, No brief. The 6 artists worked on a shared Dropbox folder (see sources files section below) that everyone can now access and download to study their huge talents. Fortunately, I was one of them ;)

“The Meow Star” I made was part of the whole movie.
My lovely cats, Curry and Love, always give me a lot of ideas.
Thanks to the coronavirus, I got plenty of time to create more interesting cats to my film.

These odd and lovely alien cats’ animation came from some popular cat videos or my cats. I tailored the color schemes to the sense of “The Meow Star”, and the scenes and cat’s fur should be unique and vivid.
I started imagining how to keep the character of normal cats and still hold the human bodies because if they look like real human, they might not be adorable.
The Mask Cat was to mark this quarantine period.
My signature.
The best moment was looking for reference through several cat videos, as long as I remembered that I was at work.
Cats Are the Best Pets
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