​​​​​​​By the name of design, we cross boundary.

A creative Taipei that you have never seen breaks the stereotype of street food and landmark. We pushed the visual design to a whole new level for Taipei Universide promo video, discovering spectacular urban landscapes, utilizing high speed-camera, drone, GoPro to capture hidden scenes at high-altitude and under water. Combining real shot, Hyperlapse and motion graphics, with such passion and energy, we created the first new style of promo video in Taiwan - Taipei Universide for Sport plus Taipei for travel.
As the art director, my major role was to tone the marketing strategy by elaborating ideas. I monitored not only the image production by our team but the shooting quality by external filming team.
I always like to build an art world by mingling geometric line and real environment, visibly or obscurely. The key element “energy lines” carry out the entire film in both ways. The visible way like using red and blue dynamic lines, and matching building structures to racing lanes; and the obscure way like editing in “movement to movement and shape to shape” editing and forwarding camera movement, all provide the experience as watching a vigorous 100-meters race. We wish the power of moving forward in the film show that Taiwanese are in the same front.
​​​​​​​At the initialing phase of the project, I looked out the window and saw the familiar Taipei landscape, which brought me to a concept. What if zebra crossing, double yellow lines on the roads and geometry in architectures become tracks and speed lines that the athletes are most familiar with? It must be cool. I came up with the idea.
"Speed line that link the city and sports, transition of street views, this two elements not only integrated the city and athletes but also depicted a vigorous Taipei, transforming to a positive power, a energy line."
After an internal discussion, the creative director agreed that the concept of energy line is the main appeal point and presented to Taipei Universide branding team. We value aesthetic sense and creative connection in every frame, hoping that through this film, Taiwanese could cohere together to face the international society. By the way, the production manager of the film also provided some ideas such as a diver jumping into the Taiwan trademark typhoon or combing Taiwanese special food bubble milk tea. You will see these ideas in the following storyboards and style frames. Unfortunately these ideas were deleted during the shooting phase, otherwise it would be exciting to see a jump into typhoon.​​​​​​​
From the original script I drew, shop signs in Taipei were included. Unfortunately, the camera team captured tremendous raw materials whereas the building and landscape lines indicated in the original script were not well represented. The lack of existence of lines troubled the team. However, through multiple changes to the original script, the creative team adopted new approach: transiting scenes of Taipei city, Ping Pong ball, racing lane lines, track of roller skating, and the explosive moment of the runner, we attracted audience’s attention to every liner element in the pictures. The dynamic and speedy film editing also made the final product go beyond the expectation.​​​​​​​
Creative Director : Keng-Ming Liu 
Director : Keng-Ming Liu / Gavin Yin / Howard Cheng
Art Director : HsiJen Liu
Designer : HsiJen Liu / Che-Chieh Chu /  Ching-Ho Kao
Producer : Carol Chen
Copy Director : Vicki Huang
Account manager : Naiyun Peng
Editor : Howard Cheng / Keng-Ming Liu
Animation & Compositing : HsiJen Liu / Che-Chieh Chu / Ching-Ho Kao
Music Production : Subject 2 Sound
Music : Liya Huang
Sound Design : Dave Dunlap
Sound Mixing : Chief Wang

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