Dao Follows the Laws of Nature
Laozi : Dao De Jing
Open video is discussing the relationship between human and environment, Golden Pin Design Award is seeking out designers who are inspired by the wisdom of Asia for a holistic benefit. Within the Asian context and worldview, we aim to honor designers who support the coexistence of economy and environment.
Character Development
Although the starting point is from environmental issues I don’t want it to be too heavy, I hope that the world I build is colorful and playful.
Scenes Setting
Creative Board​​​​​​​
Story Board​​​​​​​
Directed by Bito
Client:Taiwan Design Center
Creative Director:Keng-Ming Liu
Art Director:HsiJen Liu
Producer : Tammy Liu
Account Manager: Naiyun Peng
Ideation:HsiJen Liu / Hsuan-Nin Wang
Concept Art:Hsuan-Nin Wang / HsiJen Liu
Key Visual Design:Binbin Lu
Character Development : Hsuan-Nin Wang
Scenes Setting: Hsuan-Nin Wang
Storyboard:Hsuan-Nin Wang / HsiJen Liu
Production Coordinator:Ching-Ho Kao
Copy Director:Vicki Huang
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