The Tag-along 
Film Title Sequence
We extended the film’s theme by using the red cloth as the main design element for the film title sequence. The tattered and torn red cloth reveals through the cutouts, the internal struggles of our human desires; familial love, wealth, and starting a family. 
When the desires become too strong, they will start to warp and change shape, slowly turning into a dark forest where the self will dwell, entering into the world of the tag-along. Produced at JL Design.
Final Frames
Client: Greener Grass Production
Director: Wei-hao Cheng
Main Title Design and Animation : JL DESIGN
Creative Director: JL
Executive Producer: Angela Moo
Senior Producer: Chia Ying Tsai
Project Manager: Astrid Kao
Art Director: Lance Wei
Designer: Hsijen Liu
Motion Graphics Designer: Hsijen Liu / Jim Hsu

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