這件作品是我相當喜歡的一件,大量的暗黑意象與不寒而慄的構圖,讓人感受到無盡的深淵。 我運用生物骨骼結合機械結構做此次的創作,由於深受到Sir Ridley Scott所執導的電影”異形”由H. R. Giger 設計的美術世界觀所影響,對於機械跟骨骼的結構有著深厚的興趣。現實中,在噩夢裡面我們被不明生物追趕、攻擊、吞噬,這些生物有時不見得是我們所見過所知曉的,它可能由各種腦中淺意識的物種組合而成。 這件作品中,被燒毀的人只剩下頭骨,牽引著下半身殘缺的肉體往上凝視。戰爭武器所組成的黑死病烏鴉面具,張牙舞爪的朝你撲來。擁有人體胸骨外型的細菌大量的蔓延。各種元素金屬所製造而成的狼蛛,用機械瞳孔觀察四面八方。這些都是我對於噩夢的視覺呈現。

Biding Nightmare

Personally, the work is one of my favorites. Massive dark image and thrilling layout drop you into the abyss. Deeply influenced by H. R. Giger, the artwork designer of Ridley Scott’s “Alien”, I have a keen interest in machine and skeleton structure. In the reality, unknown creatures chase, attack and devour us in our nightmare. We may be unable to name those creatures, which sometimes are merely the combination of different species in our subconscious. In this work, the only leftover of a burnt man is a skull. The skull pulls the mutilated body, which gazed up. Weaponry-made plague doctor’s masks are approaching and threatening you. Bacteria that have sternum-shape spread vastly. Metal elements-made wolf spiders observe around with their mechanical eyes. They were all my visual expression of nightmare.
I am making a short film to elaborate the concept above by adopting different approach with actors and meaningful story. Please look forward to it.
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